The Discovery series is Transight’s flagship product. These are light vehicle trackers, which make for one of the most economical and durable devices manufactured by Transight. In fact, the tagline for the Discovery series is “affordable quality.” They come with the highly reputed ARAI certification, and can easily be used even on two wheelers.

The main advantage of these products is that they come in all spectrum coverages starting from the basic 2G to the most advanced Cat M1s. Apart from this, Transight also offers multiple options in this series from bare basic tracker to the most advanced fully loaded devices, which can be simultaneously used as vehicles trackers as well as IoT gateways

Main Features

Quad band GSM/GPRS with Class 10 or Class 12 type.
Multi-GNSS engine for GPS and GLONASS.
Operating Voltage Range: +8V to +33V.
Reverse Polarity Protection.
Built in Resettable fuse.
Internal GPS Antenna.
Internal GPRS Antenna.
Micro SIM holder External Battery removal detection.
External Battery voltage monitoring.
Internal battery voltage monitoring.
Internal minimum 1hour backup when external power from the vehicle battery is removed.
Status LEDs: Power, User, GSM and GPS.
Operating temperature: -20 to +70 degree Celsius.
1x Digital input that shall be TVS protected(dedicated for Ignition).
2x TVS protected digital input that can be configured as either digital or analog input.
1x open collector/drain output with 200mA with fuse protected.