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What We Do


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Mobility Solutions

TNTEV is a leading EV charging solutions provider with a fully customizable solution to fit any need.


Energy Products

Our Energy Management Solutions help businesses and utility companies to save energy, money, environment & improve the efficiency of the systems.


Sense I Nodes

Sense, Monitor, Control and Analyze your assets and access it from anywhere in the world.

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Tracking Solutions

Our experienced mechanical team have experience in manufacturing enclosures that have a great fit, finish and function, while staying within budget.


Analysis Platform

Improve operational efficiency with our platform. Log, monitor, control and analyze with our easy to use dashboards.


Plug and Play Solutions

Our plug & play SENSEI micronodes solutions helps you to deliver a complete solution, with minimum effort and time.

EV Charger .

Building on a strong position in Energy and Automotive, TNT offers state-of the art ultrafast charging solutions that fit the vehicles on the road today and tomorrow.

Futureproofing investments in infrastructure for electric vehicle charging means that an all-electric world was never closer than it is today.

With TNT’s fast charging systems, you can scale your investment to fit growing needs over time.

Our intimate knowledge of electric vehicles, energy storage and power electronics, make our systems the most reliable on the market in terms of performance and safety.

Our EV charger supplies power to any electrical vehicle. The wall-mounted and floor-mounted design as well as its IP65 dust and waterproof housing make the EV chargers suitable for outdoor or indoor spaces. The output of our AC EV charger ranges from 3.3 kw t0 22 kw. The robust build of our EV charger lets you satisfy various business goals while driving your brand.



1. If you are looking for high-end GPS tracking solutions to monitor your business better, we can assist you. With professional GPS vechicle tracking system from us, you can now protect your business from unwanted hassles and thus carry out smooth operation. Below are listed some of the main perks of availing our services.

2. You can track anyone anywhere using a pc, tablet or phone

3. You get access to free GPS tracking software for lifetime without having to pay any hidden charges

4. There is not associated contract when you take GPS tracking systems from us

5. We offer customer support all round the year

6. Immigration & Delivery management

7. Whether your business operates over air, water or land, we have got you covered. We offer safe, fast and precise GPS tracking solutions for all kinds of businesses around the globe.


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